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Computer Hardware

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Get a PC delivered & installed free by Bid for bargain hardware in QXL's online actions Get hardware for home use at Software Station
Compare hardware prices at Shopgenie Click here to compare prices with Shopgenie!
We've teamed up with Shopgenie so you can easily compare hardware prices from these stores:
Microwarehouse, Simply Computers, Misco. More info

QXL    90%
QXL's online auctions present an exciting and often cheap way to shop. You can set your top limit for an item and let a robot carry on out-bidding competitors up to that amount. This store is worth checking if you're after electrical goods (including TVs, hi-fi's and phones), jewellery, watches, sports gear, fitness equipment, computer hardware (including upgrades), package holidays, short breaks, rented holiday accommodation and flights.

Dell    89%
If there was ever any doubt as to the potential of Ecommerce, this is the site to visit. Dell is taking over 1 million of orders from its UK web site alone. The store is suitably impressive, with stacks of information and the option to customise each system whilst watching the price update in real time.

Insight    83%
A huge range (50,000+) of computer hardware (including PCs and notebooks), business software, printers, peripherals, networking items, upgrade components and accessories are listed in this well put together store. Product listings are accompanied by an indication of current stock levels.

Microwarehouse    83%
15,000 hardware and software products are stocked in this packed store. Stock is well categorised and easily found. A group of tools help you decide which desktop, laptop, memory, cable or hard drive is best for you. Products are generally well described and listings tell you if the item is in stock. Loads of features and good prices.

Action Computers    83%
You'll need the Shockwave plug-in before you can view the enormous range of business equipment in this impressive store. As well as PCs, you'll find software, printers, peripherals, upgrade components, networking products, media, stationery, fax machines and accessories.

Gateway    81%
Gateway are selling their range of PCs through their UK site. You can view a summary of the hardware by category, then proceed to add and remove components, whilst watching the price update as you go.    80%
Once you've logged in with some basic details you can choose from a pre-built PC or laptop, or create your own from the available options. PCs are delivered and installed free of charge. Loads of peripherals (printers, scanners etc), consumables, DVDs and software (business and leisure) are also sold.

Miah Telecom    79%
The smart Miah Telecom site concentrates on mobile communications. You can buy a mobile phone and subscribe to a tariff on Cellnet, Orange or One2One, or choose a pre-pay on any of the major networks. Also stocked are Psions, Palmpilots, modems and accessories.

Evesham Micros    79%
A neat site from Evesham. Once you have selected the basic PC or notebook model you're after, you can customise the components whilst watching the price update. Also sold are a wide range of hardware peripherals and accessories. Most products are pictured and all the ones we looked at were well described.

MISCO    78%
Computer equipment is in plentiful supply at MISCO's well laid out store. There's hardware, software, peripherals, media, surge protectors, networking products, office equipment and furniture. Unfortunately, many products lack detailed descriptions or pictures.

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